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Genesis Water’s supplies the worlds fastest, most economical, and environmentally friendly dewatering systems for dredging, mining, industrial, aggregate, municipal, wastewater, recycling, oil sands, and environmental industries. Genesis designs and builds a wide variety of systems for sediment processing; fine particle wet classification and separation; slurry and sludge thickening and dewatering; effluent water treatment; and greywater/blackwater purification and recycling for commercial and multi-residence applications. We provide dewatering equipment and dewatering services, globally.

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12/02/2014: Genesis Water’s High-Speed Dewatering Technology Awarded European Patent

Genesis Water, pioneer of the Genesis Rapid Dewatering System™ (RDS), announced today that the company’s dewatering technology has been granted European Patent No. 1286924 by the European Patent Office. The patent, awarded for the “apparatus and method for high-speed dewatering of slurries,” covers a particular component of the company’s revolutionary Rapid Dewatering System, according to Genesis Water’s Chief Technology Officer Michael Hodges. Specifically, Hodges said, the newly granted patent covers the shape of the riser, which moves the slurry to the top of the AquaScreen and helps enable even distribution across the screen.