Genesis Water’s High-Speed Dewatering Technology Awarded European Patent

Genesis Water, pioneer of the Genesis Rapid Dewatering System™ (RDS), announced today that the company’s dewatering technology has been granted European Patent No. 1286924 by the European Patent Office. The patent, awarded for the “apparatus and method for high-speed dewatering of slurries,” covers a particular component of the company’s revolutionary Rapid Dewatering System, according to Genesis Water’s Chief Technology Officer Michael Hodges. Specifically, Hodges said, the newly granted patent covers the shape of the riser, which moves the slurry to the top of the AquaScreen and helps enable even distribution across the screen.

Genesis Water’s Dewatering Technology Issued U.S. Patent

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Patent No. 8,678,200 covers company’s Rapid Dewatering System DENVER – Genesis Water, pioneer of the Genesis Rapid Dewatering System™ (RDS), announced today its dewatering technology has been issued patent No. 8,678,200, dated March 25, 2014, by...

Veolia Expands Tailings Pond Management Solutions With Addition of Genesis Dewatering System

Raleigh, NC, January 14th, 2014 – Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies announced today that it has partnered with Genesis Water, the pioneer of the Genesis Rapid Dewatering System™ (RDS). As the exclusive Genesis partner in the global mining market, Veolia will deploy the Genesis RDS to help mining companies improve tailings management, recycle water and reduce reliance on tailings ponds, providing a sustainable solution while meeting regulatory requirements.

Resacas’ restoration restores memories

It’s hard to imagine by looking at Brownsville’s resacas today, but there was a time when these former channels of the Rio Grande were the height of summer outdoor recreation.

No longer do children play on their banks, and only the most intrepid of fishermen cast into the murky waters.

Brownsville native, Leo Orlando Bueno, 61, remembers the resacas differently.

“We learned to water ski on the Fort Brown resaca,” said Bueno, a retired marine who now lives in San Antonio. “My dad would drop us off with a can a gas, and we'd ski all day until he'd come get us.”

Rob Krause of GE Capital To Lead Genesis Water As CEO

Genesis Water, pioneer of the Genesis Rapid Dewatering System™ (RDS), announced today it has hired Rob Krause as its Chief Executive Officer, coming as the company enters a period of ambitious growth on the heels of its appearance at the WODCON XX World Dredging Congress in Brussels.

Krause was recruited to lead Genesis Water after an extensive nationwide search and was chosen from among more than 70 qualified candidates. He joins from General Electric (GE), where he served in a variety of roles throughout the diverse company since 1996.

Genesis Water To Address WODCON XX With Technical Session on High-Speed Dewatering

Genesis Water, pioneer of the Genesis Rapid Dewatering System™, will present a Technical Session during WODCON XX, the World Dredging Congress in Brussels, Belgium from June 3-7.

Genesis President and CEO Michael Hodges will talk about “High speed dewatering of ultra-fine sediments” at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 4, the first day of Technical Sessions at the conference. Hodges will discuss the familiar bottleneck faced by the dredging industry, due to inefficiencies in dewatering methods. In addition, Hodges will explain how the innovative Genesis Rapid Dewatering System (RDS) achieves a previously unattainable 1:1 processing rate with the dredge flow, and how this new technology is revolutionizing the industry.

Tailings Management: Rapid Results

Carol Shobrook and Michael Hodges explain how the dewatering of tailings pond slurries can be achieved quickly and easily using an innovative separation system

Historically, ultra fine-grained material – such as clays, silts and organics – inhibit the dewatering of slurries at continuously high throughputs. This bottleneck means that industries ranging from waterway dredging to mining rely on impoundments or tailings ponds for dewatering.

However, the slow settling rate of material in tailings ponds can lead to a low rate of water recovery and inefficient, unsustainable handling and disposal of tailings in mining operations.

Genesis Water and Brownsville Public Utilities Board Partnering for Large-scale Resaca Restoration Project

Genesis Water has partnered with Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) for one of the largest eco-restoration projects in Texas. The resaca water system in Brownsville serves as habitat for an array of species of fish and hundreds of species of birds and waterfowl, but has become polluted with large amounts of sediment and non-biodegradable waste such as tires, cans and plastic bags. BPUB is working with Genesis Water’s specialized dewatering equipment to rapidly process sediment, trash and other items dredged from the waterways.

Genesis Fluid Solutions Launches New Genesis Water™ Name and Site, Expands Corporate Direction

Today, having completed its rebranding as Genesis Water™, Genesis Fluid Solutions unveiled its new company name and logo to better reflect its identity as a water technology company providing end-to-end dewatering solutions for waterway dredging projects and industrial disposal area cleanup in the mining, oil and gas industries. Formerly known as Genesis Fluid Solutions, the company’s focus continues to be delivering the most rapid, efficient and environmentally sustainable dewatering process available on the planet.